Captain America


Just finished Captain America today. I’ve done Captain America with Iron Man, but I had a customer request Cap by himself.

I love doing requests, and most of my most popular images were requests from customers.

If you want to see any images, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Commission and Custom Art

sashaCustom Art and Commissions. I am now painting Custom Art and Commissions.

Custom Art is orginal creations of your children, couples for wedding announcements, parents, or anything else you want me to paint that is special to you. Custom Art starts at $250. This includes the orginal print with a mat and frame. You’ll also receive a digital version of the image.

Commissions are paintings of something like Wendy from Peter Pan, Bella from Twilight, or anything else you like. You can purchase the original commission for $250 or buy a print of the original at my standard prices.

It’s The New

“Even your scary images are cute.”

That’s what my wife, Tatiana, told me one day after looking at a picture I had drawn.

So, I draw cute.

I love doing artwork that appeals to the child inside us. I hope my art makes you smile. I hope to update this site regularly and take you along with our journey of imagination.

Thank you for visiting and thank you to my family for all their support.