About Us

Hello, I'm Ben. I'm an artist and a design living in Utah with my beautiful wife Tatiana and our two minions Sasha and Adrian. We also are the pets of two cats Yasha and Elsa who are annoyed by two little dogs Coco and Chanel.

Our Story

While I've been drawing and designing for most of my life for work or hobby, it was nearing the end of 2012 when I lost my job that my life really began to change. I had been sketching little cute figures and doodles. My wife, Tatiana, kept telling me how much she liked my cute pictures and that we could sell them.

We did our first show with about 30 images. It was a success and we were invited to Salt Lake Comic Con shortly afterwards. After that we realized that we could almost do this full-time. I've been painting regularly now and we have over 300 images. We currently travel to 5-10 shows a year and sell art.

I'm so thankful for Tatiana and my family and their support. I truly could never have done this without them. She always gives me credit at the shows for being the artist, but she is really the brains and the reason that we have had our success. We've also made so many new friends and met so many great people. I'm thankful to all of you for your support, smiles, and laughter.